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Requirements for using the graphics we make are pretty simple and even though they seem long you must read them through.

By using any of our sets you indicate that you understand and accept our terms of use and agree to be legally bound by them. 

There may be additional terms of use described on individual sets.


save the graphics to your computer; don't link directly to them here (that's called Bandwidth theft).  Just right click on each graphic and "save as" to a folder on your computer (or use the zip file link provided on each page).  Then you can upload them to your own server to be used on your personal site.

If you wish to know more about Bandwidth Theft and Hot Linking (and the consequences of doing it) - CLICK HERE

The web has more than enough amateur sites and it's usually those who do lame things like stealing bandwidth. So, be professional and don't steal bandwidth from other sites.

(2. Our logo MUST be placed ON the SAME page as the graphics and linked back to:


(If you want a certain top for your site that isn't in two or more parts Email me here for top and I will send one to you - be sure to include the name of the set in your email. Remember also to give us credit at the bottom of your page ----- I do this mainly for Poem sites.)

(3. Your site MUST BE a child-friendly site with no obscenity (vulgar language) or adult graphics (absolutely NO nudity!).

(4. You MAY make your own title, extra buttons and extra links (using the blank graphic provided with the set, or the background tile for the title). If you can't make your own title, extra buttons or links we will be happy to make one, or more for you ($5.00 each).

(5. DO NOT change any of our graphics! That means you may not alter, colorize, resize, or modify our graphics in any way (except for the blank link graphic, or the title graphic provided in each set - you may resize them to suit you needs).

(6. DO NOT "mix and match" the sets. You don't have to use all the graphics that are included in set, nor do you have to use them in the exact layout, but you cannot mix the graphics.

(7. DO NOT claim any of the graphics as your own or redistribute these graphics in any way by offering them as part of a collection on the internet or in a CD package!

(8. You MAY use our background sets for a commercial site but you MUST CONTACT US FIRST! We WILL NOT charge you, but we do want the link to your site (this is only for commercial sites where we can view the set --- Absolutely NO private sites!). Thank you for complying with our terms of use.

(9. You MAY NOT use our link-ware graphics as stationery in e-mails or for any print projects.

(10. You MAY NOT use our graphics in any pay for membership, or member only sites such as Yahoo groups, MSN groups, or any other members-only site where we cannot view the site without joining. If your membership site is open for all to view then you may use our graphics.


If you are interested having a special set created just for you we will be glad to do that.  The cost for a special set using your art or photo is $35.00 .

For a special made set, Email Us Here

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